Bay Gardens Resorts – Pool Attendant no later than Friday 25th January 2019.

Bay Gardens Resorts - Pool Attendant
Department Maintenance
Job Title Pool Attendant
Reports To Maintenance Managers and Maintenance Coordinator
Position Summary
An essential responsibility of this role includes ensuring cleanliness, setting -up and safety of all areas and facilities and attending to all guest needs within the pool areas following Company safety guidelines.
Duties And Responsibilities Include
  • Diagnose, repair and maintain property swimming pools, water systems, filter systems and pumps.
  • Maintain the proper chemical balance for the property pools. Maintain the pH and chlorine values for good water quality.
  • Maintain the pool and all water features using proper chemicals and cleaners.
  • Maintain the pool area including cleaning of the deck and other maintenance tasks.
  • Respond to swimming pool related work orders in a timely, friendly and efficient manner to assess and repair non-functioning machinery or equipment.
  • Safely transport and store hazardous chemicals.
  • Carry out scheduled water cleaning using approved chemicals.
  • Use swimming pool vacuum cleaner to clean the pool floor.
  • Check and repair corrosion, cracks and leaks in the pool walls or floors.
  • Use a telescopic pole with net to clean and remove any leaves or debris.
  • Make sure equipment like pool covers are in good working order.
  • Log and report equipment faults or water quality problems to managers.
Must have good understanding of the English Language. CPR and First Aide Certified is an added advantage. Excellent customer service skills.
High school graduate or equivalent.
Minimum of 2 to 5 years’ experience as a pool attendant is required.
Applications may be sent to no later than Friday 25th January 2019. Only suitably qualified applicants may be contacted for interview.

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